Silent ambience in North Karelia

A silent environment offers a respite from our increasingly
noisy and intense everyday surroundings. Silence travel
provides the opportunity to linger, be silent and calm down –
to listen to and concentrate on the rich nuances of silence, and
to hear one’s own mind.
Anyone can be quiet. In silence, we can learn to be present
and listen to ourselves, our feelings and our needs. Silence is
a source of health, vitality and well-being. Living in constant
noise has been proven harmful to the health. Outer silence
helps us to discover our inner peace. Silence is a state that can
permanently change our attitude to life.
The entrepreneurs of the Silence Travel are
committed to:
1. Offering and sharing experiences of silence while respecting
individual and cultural differences
2. Maintaining a balance in the soundscape: producing humanand
machine-induced noise that disturb as little as possible
3. Taking account of and planning the atmosphere of the
landscape, the architecture and the overall feel
4. Helping people to feel able to relax without the need to
5. Guiding their visitors to create silence on their own
6. Abiding by the principles of sustainable tourism

North Karelia Catalog 2019-2020


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