Study visits or camp schools to North Karelia organised by Hyvärilä give an insight into Finnish and North Karelian way of life and nature, the typical forested hill scenery and stunning lake views. North Karelia, the easternmost region of continental Europe, is known for its many lakes and hills; the largest lake is the magnificent Lake Pielinen and the highest hill is Koli at 347 m above the sea level. In the east, North Karelia shares the frontier with Russian Karelia.

Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre in Nurmes on the northern shore of Lake Pielinen is a Finnish Youth Centre subsidised and supervised by the  Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The mission of Hyvärilä is to provide innovative youth services: we improve the wellbeing of youth  offering a safe, functional and versatile location close to the nature and a supportive and positive atmosphere that fosters togetherness and provides  experiences. Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre offers experiential learning activities and camps.

Every youth camp in Hyvärilä is a carefully planned combination of travel, visits and learning by doing and each activity has learning objectives:
• to increase self-reliance and own initiative
• to increase creativity and independence
• to increase the courage to explore a new culture, get to know local people and a foreign language
• to support internationalisation

We offer you an opportunity to get to know
• Finnish education in the form of a youth camp
• teaching methods outside the school building –phenomenon-based learning and learning by doing
• Finnish nature
• Finnish culture and way of living in the most eastern region in Finland



Youth- and holiday centre at Nurmes

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We help youngsters to find their own approach to multi-culturalism. It’s our job to help every youngster find a personal approach to joining the international community – most important is personal motivation.

We produce youth services for the town of Nurmes: confidential personal contact, coaches, facilities, activities.

Hyvärilä Youth- and holiday centre
Lomatie 12, 75500 NURMES, FINLAND 
Tel. +358-4010 45960

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