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Joensuu - Botania - the Botanical Garden


Botania - the Botanical Garden

Joensuun Botania is a former botanical garden, nowadays an event garden with Café. With their collection of about 700 unique plants, the greenhouses represent tropical, subtropical and desert climates, and a butterfly room where flies over hundred butterflies. The outer garden of 3,3 hectares consists over 800 unique plants. In the tropical section you'll be greeted by the cockatoo Juuso, turtles and geckos.

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Nurmes - Bomba House


Bomba House

Discover Karelian architecture and culture at the Bomba House and Karelian Village, where you will find hotel and restaurant services, a spa, programme services, a summer market, a summer theatre and a tsasouna. The fully refurbished spa was opened in 2017.

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Joensuu - Museums



The main museums in Joensuu are the North Karelia Museum Hilma in Carelicum, the Art Museum Onni, which has been operating for more than 50 years, and the Military History Bunker Museum. The Bunker Museum is free to enter during the museum's opening hours in July and guided tours are also free during that time. The Art Museum Onni and the North Karelia Museum Hilma has a small entrance fee.
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Koli - Nature Centre Ukko


Nature Centre Ukko

Koli Nature Centre Ukko, which depicts our picturesque national landscape, is located in Koli, just a few hundred meters from the viewing platform of Koli. The permanent exhibition of Ukko introduces the visitor to the history, geology and culture of the National Park. Also information about natural attractions in the surrounding region is available. In addition, the Visitor Center also hosts temporary exhibitions.

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Joensuu - The Artisan's Quarter Taitokortteli


The Artisan's Quarter Taitokortteli

The cafe, the handicrafts and gifts shops as well as the Crafts Center and Perheentalo community house for families offer the visitor unique handicrafts and professional service. The enjoyable environment and the atmosphere of the old wood house quarter invite you to spend time in this unique milieu in the centre of the city all year round.
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Ilomantsi - Parppeinvaara Bardic Village


Parppeinvaara Bardic Village

The Bardic Village of Parppeinvaara combines all the features of Karelian culture. Bardic village consists the Bard´s House, the museum buildings of Mateli, the Border General´s cabin, the All Saints chapel and the Nature hut Mesikkä.

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Outokumpu - The Old Mine


The Old Mine

Outokumpu's Old Mine is a unique place to visit, especially for families. The mine area is full of things to learn, experience and see. The area has, among other things: a restaurant, a museum and, for the smaller ones, The Kid's Mine theme park.

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Heinävesi - The Valamo Orthodox Monastery


The Valamo Orthodox Monastery

The Valamo Orthodox Monastery in Heinävesi is a vibrant cultural center that welcomes guests all year round. In addition to the monastery, Valamo has a folk high school and its own winery. 
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Lieksa - The Pielinen-Museum


The Pielinen-Museum

The museum is located by the river Lieksanjoki quite near the town centre of Lieksa. It is the second largest open-air museum in Finland. The museum consists of the main building with exhibition halls and an extensive outdoor area with more than 70 buildings or structures. In the museum area there are farm houses with outbuildings from three centuries, mills, forest workers’ log cabins and timber floating machinery, granaries housing farming implements and tools, storehouses containing vehicles, boats, fishing tackle and fire fighting equipment.
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Kitee - Kitee Zoo


Kitee Zoo

In Kitee, the fourth largest zoo in Finland, you can explore 50 different species of animals along the landscape path, such as yaks, Ayam gemani chickens and the Riku bear. Right next to the animal park there is a hotel, cottages, restaurant, dance pavilion, shop and Spa. Kitee Zoo is open all year round.

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