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Etusivu / North Karelia

North Karelia

North Karelia has always been a place where east and west meet. Now the region offers good connections to Russia, Ladoga Karelia and beyond. The Niirala border crossing point in Tohmajärvi is the third busiest in Finland with 1.6 million crossings a year. The big Russian markets are close by and Russian tourists contribute to the growth of the region's tourism, trade and services.

The competence-based growth industries of the future, forest bioeconomy and new technologies and materials, have taken off in North Karelia due to the active research performed at the University of Eastern Finland located in Joensuu. The region's traditional strong fields of business include the forest, metal, extractive and food industries.

North Karelia invests in the welfare of people and the environment. The carbon footprint of North Karelians is up to 36% smaller than that of the average Finn. The region is a frontrunner in the use of renewable and, in particular, bioenergy: renewable energy accounts for 63 percent of the total energy consumption, which is a high percentage even on an international scale. North Karelia is also a model area in energy self-sufficiency: approximately 70% of the energy used is produced in the region.

Hilly landscapes covered with trees and dotted with meandering rivers and many lakes are characteristic of North Karelia. One of Finland's best-known national landscapes is the Koli area with its many hills located in Lieksa by the Pielinen lake. In North Karelia, the four seasons have a clear rhythm and a snowy winter is guaranteed every year.

Total area 21,584 km², of which 3,821 km² is water

165 754 inhabitants

Population density 7.7 inhabitants/km²

13 municipalities, of which 5 towns

There is a university in the regional centre Joensuu

Koli is the highest point of Southern and Central Finland (347 m)

Pielinen is Finland's 4th largest lake (894 km²)

The easternmost point of the continental part of the European Union is located on an island in the Virmajärvi lake in Ilomantsi.
Koli is the national landscape, national park, a tourist area, downhill and cross-country skiing destination, the highest point in southern Finland, a geological landmark, the merger of Finnish culture. site tells about the area's services, offerings and events.
Explore is a sister site of offers all Russian Karelia tourism offerings within your reach in all its beauty and all the opportunities.