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Etusivu / Entrepreneurship / Research and Development

Research and Development

As the forestry capital of Europe, Joensuu is home to an important cluster of forest research organisations (University of Eastern Finland School of Forest Sciences, The Natural Resources Institute Finland, European Forest Institute). The Joensuu region is the only urban region in Finland providing forestry education at all possible levels. The world's leading forest equipment manufacturing cluster can also be found in the region: half of Europe's forest equipment is manufactured in North Karelia.

A world-class competence cluster of photonics, materials and precision technologies can be found in Joensuu. The photonics unit of the University of Eastern Finland is the largest in Finland, and approximately 40 percent of Finnish top experts in optics receive their education in Joensuu.

In the future, technological research based on the natural sciences will be one of the key factors affecting the economic welfare of Finland. The high-quality basic research in natural sciences performed at the University of Eastern Finland is the basis for the development of new technologies and applications in biosciences, information sciences, material sciences and nanosciences. The research in this area of expertise will produce new, useful knowledge about medical technologies, information and communication technologies, environment-related technologies and production and use technologies.

Organisations helping the businesses of the region in developing pioneering products and services:
University of Eastern Finland │ Karelia University of Applied Sciences │ European Forest Institute │ The Natural Resources Institute Finland │ Joensuu Science Park

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