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Etusivu / Entrepreneurship / Business Consulting Service

Guidance for new and growing businesses

Our regional development companies will help you in all questions related to business operations and business development. With the help of the development companies, you will solve any issues concerning business funding, business premises and the development of international operations. Do not hesitate to contact us:
Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK serves all companies in the Joensuu region and assists enterprises and organisations seeking to locate in the Joensuu region.

Central Karelia Development Company KETI helps in the development of businesses in the Kitee, Rääkkylä and Tohmajärvi area.

Pielinen Karelia Development Center Ltd PIKES provides expert business advice in Lieksa, Nurmes and Valtimo.

Koli is the national landscape, national park, a tourist area, downhill and cross-country skiing destination, the highest point in southern Finland, a geological landmark, the merger of Finnish culture. site tells about the area's services, offerings and events.
Explore is a sister site of offers all Russian Karelia tourism offerings within your reach in all its beauty and all the opportunities.