Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

    Eskers, hills and lakes are an inseparable part of the nature of Nurmes. In Nurmes the nature is present everywhere, and the best way to enjoy it is to be part of it. Hike in hiking areas, cycle in the countryside or fish on lake Pielinen - You name it, only the sky is the limit and not always even that!

    Mujejärvi Hiking Area

    There is altogether app. 30 km of marked trails, in the area there are two circle trails. The distance from Nurmes to Mujejärvi is 40 km. The Mujejärvi area is suitable for a hiker, who wants to enjoy peace and quietness. It is possible to take small hikes even during several days in the landscape full of bedrocks, eskers and lakes. You can walk in backwoods area in an old forest listening to cuckoos singing or test Your physical condition on the rugged ravine slopes. You can admire the lakes Mujejärvi and Tetrijärvi from many directions and there are several places to stay overnight on the beaches. Besides the lean-tos, the hikers can also choose to spend the night in a wilderness hut or rentable cabin. In the western part of the Mujejärvi area is the almost 4 km-long and in places steep-walled Uuronrotko ravine, a magnificent natural attraction.

    Peurajärvi Hiking and Fishing Area

    Peurajärvi is a small hiking area in the border area of Nurmes and Sotkamo. The area is characterised by lakes with crystal-clear transparent water and lots of fish. The sandy eskers are dry and make a barren ground, on which pines and subshrubs grow. The pine forest areas are decorated by patches of lichen. Next to Peurajärvi there is Paistinvaara old forest conservation area. There are two circle hiking trails in Peurajärvi, one of which goes around lake Mäntyjärvi, and the other one around lake Iso-Valkeinen. There is about 15 km of marked trails in the easy-to-walk terrain of Peurajärvi. From the northern part of Peurajärvi there goes a short connecting trail to the Hiidenportti National Part, which has excellent hiking opportunities. In the area there are two huts, a lean-tos, information point, five places for campfire and a cooking shelter.

    Raesärkät Hiking Area

    Raesärkät (shoals) is a beautiful day-trip place in rolling esker landscape. The hiking trail running through the area follows the old carriage route and the wheel groove base. The rest stops are located at short intervals along the trail, which makes it very suitable for families with children. The area was named after the narrow line of eskers running in NW-SE direction. Besides the eskers the landscape includes also peaceful bogs, crystal-clear lakes, meandering rivers and old forests filled with diverse wildlife. People have admired the landscape for decades and the area is a very popular local recreation area.

    Toivontorni Nature Trail

    In Kohtavaara, Lipinlahti, at the distance of app. 9 km from the center of Nurmes is located Toivontorni (tower), which allows to admire lake Pielinen from the height of 85 m. The length of the trail Toivonpolku is 1,7 km and it starts from the parking lot of Haikola’s House. The trail is marked on trees with orange tape with blue stripe. There are guide signs along the trail, in which You can find information about the history and nature of the area. There are also QR-codes in the signs, with them You can look for additional information with a smartphone. The distance to Toivontorni is app. 400 m and the rise is 80 m. The length of the less steep trail to the tower is 1,2 km.

    Opistontie 7, Nurmes

    Hyvärilä holiday and youth centre
    Lomatie 12, Nurmes

    Ellun lenkki-round trail

    Ellun lenkki-round trail starts from Hyvärilä holiday and youth centre. It is 6.5 km long hiking trail to Ellunkota-hut and works during winter time as a skiing area. The trail is also suitable for mountain biking. Next to Ellunkota-hut, on the beach there is a campfire and a landing place. The route also has a lean and a campfire place.

    Kartanon kierros- round trail

    Kartanon kierros-round trail starts from Hyvärilä holiday and youth centre. There's a connection path from Bomba area to the Kartanon kierros-round trail. The round trail is 2,7km long and lighted.

    Joukon polku -path

    A shortish lakeside path to the bird watching tower at Vinkerlahti. Departure from the car park at Vajatie, Nurmes. 

    Rental services

    Hyvärilä holiday and youth centre: Canoes, rowing boats, Stand up paddling boards (SUP-board), Nordic walking products, bikes, tents, games, snowshoes, ice fishing products etc.

    Break Sokos Hotel Bomba (Tuulentie 10): Bikes, minigolf

    Konesola Kesport (Kirkkokatu 16): Bikes

    Bomba Action: Stand up paddling boards (SUP-board), canoes, rowing boats