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1st - 31st July - Studio Korpinoita

1st - 31st July

Studio Korpinoita

Home studio that is located in the middle of wilderness, takes the visitor on a unique, mystical tour around the works of a hermit artist. The studio is located in an old school building; the kitchen, the stairway and the workroom welcome you with a Mediterranean atmosphere. The Paradise of Gods inviting you to forget your everyday worries with bubbling water, birdsongs and nearly wall-high stained glass windows. The Kalevala room, with dozens of stained glass windows, shows the heart of the Finnish identity and history. Summer 2018 the Studio will be open from July 1st until 30th, from 1pm to 7 pm. As the studio has around 300sq meters of exhibition space, it is recommended to reserve couple hours of time for the visit in order to have the full experience.

 - Kajaste


Pair dancing is a traditional Finnish summer activity. Dancing happens on a dance floor or stage, accompanied with Finnish schlager music and people in good mood all around you. In pair dancing it is a common thing that you do not need to follow any rules, just go with your heart! At Kajaste a café and a grill are servicing the dancers, with alcohol license. Tarja Lunnas & Rosso on Wednesday and Aki Samuli & Fantasia on Friday. Address Tiirikkalantie 19, Nurmes. Remember to take cash with you!

Karelian Skies 2018

Nurmes 28.7.

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