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The best spots for bird watchers in Rääkkylä, Tohmajärvi and Kitee

Central Karelia has lots of water areas and hilly landscapes, making it a very good location for birdwatching. The region has several protected wetland areas, and the warming effect of lake Laatokka in Russia brings many rare species for Finland to the border area. For bird watchers the highlights in Spring and Autumn are big goose flocks: tens of thousands of geese can be seen at once gathering for their migration. For bird watchers there are several bird watching towers in the region which gives great settings for bird watching.

Värtsilä bird watching towers in Tohmajärvi
There are two bird watching towers in Värtsilä, Hopeakallio and Sääperi. The towers are situated in close proximity of the Russian border zone and are one of the most known and most eastern bird watching towers in Finland. Close to the towers are situated Sääperi and Uudenkylänlampi wetland protection areas. Here you can spot almost any bird species typical for Finnish inland areas. During migration seasons you can spot big goose flocks and rarer hunting birds.
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Eihveli bird watching tower in Rääkkylä
Rääkkylä’s very own Eiffel-tower, for locals ’Eihvelin torni’ in Vuoniemi is one of the best locations in Finland for spotting Arctic migration birds. Already the views from this 20 meter high tower make it worth the visit: you can admire the beautiful lakeland landscapes far to the distance. With good luck you might even spot a Saimaa ringed seal!
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Oravilahti, Rääkkylä
Oravilahti in Rääkkylä is know as a resting point for migration birds. The area of more than 1000 hectares is the biggest dried land area in Finland. There is a road going through the area allowing you to go through it. In the middle of the dryland there is a bird watching tower. There is also a 6km long nature and culture path going through the area.
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Other bird towers in Central Karelia:
Hovinlampi, Kitee location on map
Juurikkajärvi, Kitee location on map
Päätyeenlahti, Kitee location on map
Peijoniemenlahti, Tohmajärvi location on map