Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

The municipality of Juuka organizes a traditional Cottager Day to its cottagers every year in July. Fixing and building tha cabins, municipal services and the service delivery of the entrepreneurs of Juuka are featured in the event. In the Cottager Day, there are also lots else on program, like performances, singing and free food. The Cottager Day is organized in the yard of Paalasmaa Camping.

The municipality of Juuka sends an invitation letter to all cottagers that do not actually live in Juuka. If you're not on a letter list, you can inform your contacts to the municipal register:

Address: Eteläpääntie 140, 83900 Juuka.

More information and inquiries about sales spots: The official of countryside / Alina Koponen, p. +358 40 104 2014, e-mail:

Welcome to spend a beatiful summer day with us!

NB! If you're moving with your own car, be prepaired to the congestion of the ferry!

NB! Notice the legal breaks of the ferry:

  • 8.30AM - 8.50AM
  • 11.30AM - 11.50AM
  • 4.30PM - 4.50PM
  • 7.30PM - 7.50PM

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