Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

    Neitivirta Canoeing route

    The beautiful canoeing route goes through traditional countryside and village landscape. Additional information: Yläkarjalan retkipalvelu (Yläkarjala Tour Services), tel. +358 50 592 6211,

    Bird lakes of village Kalliojärvi

    Lakes Kalliojärvi and Sorsajärvi are the two bird lakes on the territory of the village Kalliojärvi of the municipality of Valtimo. Lake Kalliojärvi is shallow, grassy and lush lake, where there is open water only here and there. The lake is included in the national bird lake conservation program. On the lake nest, for example, Slavonian Grebe, Whooper Swan and Little Gull. There are two bird watching towers, nature trail and a hut.


    Lokkiharju is located close to Valtimo's centre. It has a fitness trail along with a frisbee golf course. You can find from the area an Orthodox Church and Lokkisaari- island and beach.


    Ylä-Valtimo is a nationally valued landscape area and the village's attractions include Pertunvaara view point. Sign 'Näköalapaikka' to the view point is from Ylä-Valtimontie.

    Nearby National parks

    Hiidenportti National Park

    The most famous attraction in the National Park is the rugged rift valley of Hiidenportti, the vertical rock walls of which are even 20 m high. The park can be reached from the Kuhmo-Valtimo road, where there is a road with signs to the Palolampi information point. The signposted trails to the National Park start from the parking lots of Käärmesärkkä and Urpovaara.

    Tiilikka National Park

    Tiilikkajärvi National Park is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, of which the beach Venäjänhiekka is the finest. The National Park is located at the distance of approximately 30 km from the center of Valtimo to the direction of Rautavaara. Signs are located by the roads Joensuu–Kajaani and Rautavaara–Savikylä.