Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]
     - Murtovaara house museum

    Murtovaara house museum

    The Murtovaara Farm Museum is an authentic farm dating back to a time when plots in state-owned forests were rented out for living and farming “crown tenant farms”. Even today, it is still a house in the wilderness and can only be accessed by forest paths. Distance to the next village is 5 km and to the center of Valtimo municipality about 20 km.  Murtovaara is the only museum dedicated to the living conditions in hilly Eastern Finland and, as such, is a very valuable cultural object. Open by advance reservation.

    Guided tours and group bookings: Heikki Ovaskainen, Guesthouse Puukarin Pysäkki
    tel. +358 (0)500 371165
    Murtovaara brochure

     - Yläpiha Farm

    Yläpiha Farm

    The farm has a café and there are handicrafts and pastries for sale. Home yard sale. Old buildings and a home museum in cultural surroundings. Magnificent view from the top of the hill. The ancient graveyard Vastasmännikkö and Crying Stone are located in the farm’s territory. You can get to know the life of the past times in the old buildings of the farm.


    Peri-Sivakantie 250, 75700 Valtimo
    Tel. +358 50 599 4630

     - Evangelical  Lutheran church

    Evangelical Lutheran church

    The Evangelical  Lutheran cross-church of wooden structures was built in 1901 in Valtimo. The designs were drafted by Mr A.E. Ollikainen. The church was inaugurated 25th August 1907. The church was fully renovated in 1931 and that time its interior parts got their present basic features.


    Kunnantie 6, Valtimo
    Tel. +358 50 370 1229

     -  Orthodox church

    Orthodox church

    Valtimo's orthodox church has been converted from a chappel to a church in 2005. Icons for the church were painted by icon painter Mr Harri Stefanius. The Church is sanctified to the Holy Trinity. Open by advance reservation.


    Lokkiharjuntie 42, Valtimo
    Tel. +358 50 381 1375

    Lasistudio Korpinoita - Glass Studio Korpinoita

    Lasistudio Korpinoita

    Glass Studio Korpinoita

    An artist’s home in an old village school located in the middle of wilderness. The large windows of the former school make possible the creation of large series of stained glass works. The magic of paintings and stained glass works cover the premises. The totalities of the different spaces include “The Paradise of the Gods” and the “Kalevala Room”, which is supplemented from year to year. Mediterranea makes you think about the ancient roots of our history and the kitchen shows the message of the Christianity. Open for groups by advance reservation.

    Rapulintie 571, Pajukoski
    Tel. +358 50 359 1713

    Timosen luomutila - Timonen Organic Farm

    Timosen luomutila

    Timonen Organic Farm

    The Timonen organic farm is located less than half an hour’s drive from the center of both Nurmes and Valtimo. When visiting the farm You can see how the organic beef is produced and see animals of different breeds and ages, for example, mother cows with their cute little calves. In addition to the cows, there are also cats, dogs and horses in the farm. You can even get a ride in a horse carriage! If You want, You can tailor a theme day on the farm, during which You can try out farmwork together with the farm hostess. Farm visits and theme days are to be reserved in advance by phone or in the Facebook site of the Timonen Organic Farm (Timosen Luomutila)


    Tetrivaarantie 31, Valtimo
    Tel. +358 50 576 0116