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Welcome to Tohmajärvi!

Tohmajärvi is a modern rural parish situated by the EU’s easternmost international border crossing at Niirala. There are approximately 5 000 inhabitants that call Tohmajärvi home.

The “King of Karelia”, also known as Crown Bailiff Wallenius, founded the Jouhkolan Hovi Manor in Tohmajärvi at the end of the 18th century. The oldest wooden Evangelical Lutheran church in North Karelia dates back to the same period, also situated in Tohmajärvi.

The Niirala border is open 24/7. The Niirala border crossing offers a full range of services. All customs related matters can be conducted there, including taxation, insurance and temporary registration plates. There are about 1,5 million border crossings made every year via Niirala.

You are warmly welcome to Tohmajärvi!

Population4600 inhabitants
Distance to Joensuu60 km
Distance to Niirala border15 km