Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

Winter activities

Welcome to the easternmost wilderness in Europe!

Europe’s easternmost wilderness is located in eastern Finland, and it offers a unique setting for staying outdoors and learning bushcraft skills. The diverse nature, watercourses and animals form an unforgettable environment for experiencing nature in its most truly wild form.

Experience pure nature, true peace and quiet, and the miracles of four distinct seasons, with safe and professional guidance.

Winter tours 2020

2nd of February & 8th of March 10:00-14:00

Karu Snowshoe trip to Hell`s Gate 

Join us for a half-day snowshoe adventure to one of the most magical nature destination in Joensuu area. Our trip starts from meeting point at Botania (10:00am), botanical garden where you will meet your guide. From the meeting point there will be a short (45min) drive to starting point of the trip. The hike is roughly 2,5 km and terrain is moderate and there are some steeper up and down hills. During the hike we will have several short breaks to enjoy the breath taking nature and views.

8th of February 10:00-15:00
KARU Fire workshop: Winter

This work shop teaches you the basics of fire making in arctic conditions. During the workshop you will learn to collect tinders and kindling from the nature as well as to prepare bed for your fire in the snow. You will learn the basics of fresh birch fire, overnight fire and basic cooking fire. This work shop is for everyone interested of nature and bushcraft skills, you can be seasoned outdoors man or just taking your first steps into the Great Outdoors. 

10th of February & 9th of March 17:30-19:30
Full Moon Snowshoe Adventure

Karu goes mad from the moon! You can safely step in to the darkness as our guides will lead you to the nature. During the trip you will hear stories about the moon and stars, learn star constellations and of course relax in the arms of Mother Nature. This trip is for everyone and you don't have to have previous experience for walking with snowshoes. During the trip we have several breaks and we will also enjoy some hot drinks.

23rd of February & 15th of March 10:00-15:00
Forest skiing trip

Karu Survival arranges traditional forest skiing trips to Kontiolahti. During the day you will learn basics of skiing with Finnish forest skies and the equipment to take with you to winter outdoor trip. For this trip you don't need your own skies. Nature of the day is to relax and enjoy the outdoors so you don't have to have previous experience of forest skies. Participants will bring their own food for the lunch break.


Karu Survival also arranges trips from the request. Find more information:

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