Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

Feel the spirit of a big band in a small city

Did you know that the most internationally succesful Finnish band ever comes from Kitee? Nightwish was started in 1996 as a project of Tuomas Holopainen, who is as songwriter and plays keyboard in the band. From a small idea by the lake Pyhäjärvi in Kitee, Nightwish has grown into an international heavy music sensation with sold out arenas around the world.

The music of Nightwish can be described as melodic heavy metal or sinfonic rock. The themes of the songs vary from love and innocence to evolution theories by Darwin. The touching lyrics of Tuomas Holopainen are one of the key factors to the bands wide success and having fans from all ages and walks of life.

In Kitee you can get to know to the story of Nightwish at Kitee museum. Kitee-seura ry has collected objects showcasing the band’s rich history. The collection has also some very rare objects from the starting years of the band. The collection keeps developing with new items every year. Should you come to Kitee in the period when the museum is not actively open, just send a message to Kitee Museum on Facebook to agree on an opening time.

Monttu-studio in Kitee has also played an important role in the band’s history. The most sold Finnish rock album abroad, Once by Nightwish (2004), has been recorded in this studio. The band has also used the studio in other song recordings for later albums. The studio works still today as a platform for new local talent of Kitee for making their first recordings.

Nightwish can also be actively heard in Kitee at the home games of the local baseball team Kiteen Pallo. KiPa uses a song written exclusively by Nightwish as an entering song to the field at their home games in Kitee, guaranteeing an impressive entrance!

Every year Kitee International Music and Art Festival, better known as KIMAF, brings together artists from around the world to Kitee for one week in July to celebrate the music of Nightwish. The artists create art and perform music together on several venues. Most of the concerts and exhibitions during the week are free to join and they are known for the high talent of performers. If you have to choose one week of coming to Kitee as Nightwish fan, KIMAF week is the week to do it!

For more information:
Kitee museum
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Tue-Fri 11-17
Sat 11-15
Sunday 12-15
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Kitee international art and music festival

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