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Level of difficulty: Easy

The village of Vuokko is one of the biggest villages of Juuka, in middle of highway number 6 on the lake of Pielinen. The economic structure of Vuokko focuses on agriculture and forestry. In Vuokko, there's approximately 500 inhabitants - the habitation locates on the both sides of the lake of Vuokko. The lake of Vuokko separates the village into five sections: Vihtasuo, Southern-, Central-, Western- and Northern-Vuokko. There's no the Eastern-Vuokko at all, because the lake of Pielinen is on its place.


The bird-watching tower of Vuokko


In Vuokko, there is a bird-watching tower made by bird enthusiasts of Juuka. The Lake of Vuokko (Vuokonjärvi) is part of a national protection program of bird waters. On a clearance made in the year 1999, there were over 50 bird species discovered nesting in the area. In addition, there’s a show of different kind of birdhouses next to the path that leads you to the tower.

Path: Turn to Nurmes, drive 10km and turn to Vuokontie. Continue this road for 6,5km, and you will find a spread on the left where you can leave your car. The one kilometer long path to the bird-watching tower starts from there.


The river of Vuokko and the rock cut


From the River of Vuokko you can find a bridge which is made in the 1900’s by using only natural rocks. At a same place there has been mined a rock cut over more than 200 meters – because of this, there has been formed a wide farmland area.

Adress: Vuokontie 698




Härkilouhi is a magnificent rock formation in the island of Ruottila. The island of Ruottila is located in the lake of Vuokko (Vuokonjärvi), and the rock formation of Härkilouhi can be admired from the summer theatre of Vuokonjärvi. The landscape offers a beautiful sight of Finnish forests and the lake of Vuokko.

Adress: Vuokontie 1035


The Monastery area of Pyötikkö


The Monastery area of Pyötikkö is built by the old-fashioned orthodox monks in the 1850’s. The old-fashioned didn’t approve the reformation of the church customs made by Russians in the 1600’s - instead they wanted to hold on their fathers’ religion’s practices. Because of persecution of the old-fashioned, they escaped to Vuokko and proceeded to practice religion in the monastery as well as made a research of religious writings. The last old-fashioned orthodox lived in Vuokko in the late 1800’s.

The original monastery building has been removed, but there stands a tsasouna that has been sanctified for the elevation of the Holy Cross. Also the old graveyard has been renovated.

Address: Kojonniementie 310


The cultural landscape of Central-Vuokko


The cultural landscape has been renovated by repairing the stone fences surrounding the buildings and the riverside. Also, there have been built point fences. The ecumenical culture of the area is present in the picturesque Fisherman’s tsasouna. You can visit the tsasouna over the year. You can also find several house ruins from the Stone Age and stone objects from 1500-1600’s.

Adress: Keski-Vuokon tie 130


The area- and terrain maps of the Vuokko


Vuokko (maastokartta)


Vuokko -brochures for to watch and fold:

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