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Level of difficulty: Average/hard

A scenery with ridges, swamps, lakes and old forest’s with its deadwoods. You can admire this kind of landscape in the Ridges of Juuka. The route is approximately 7 kilometers long, and the ridge itself is covered with white, spherical lichen. The ridge belongs to the nature preserve of Iso-Karhu (The big bear) and because of this, especially the pines have been able to grow extra high and thick – you should try, can you even hug the biggest tree of the route. In addition, at this route you can also see different kinds of grouses, like a big and spectacular capercaillie. From the starting point of the Ridge route, next to the lake of Iso-Karhu, it is also possible to rent cottages from Jukka-Pekka Nykyri, p. +358 50 501 5499.

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The biggest one of the protected forests of Juuka is the River of Keihäsjoki - little ridges, hillocks, swamps and kettle holes. The route is approximately five kilometers long and it goes right next to the River of Keihäsjoki, but occasionally the route differs to the lakes which are close to the river. At the beginning of the route, there’s an extremely simple cottage called the Deserted House (Autiotupa) which is built 1982 – at the House you have an opportunity to go swimming, fishing, make a campfire and also bunk with no costs. And at the end of the route, there’s a cottage called the Cabin of Petäinen (Petäisen kämppä), next to the lake of Petäinen. The Cabin is rentable from June to the end of October. Old legend also tells that in addition to rinsing the trees in the river, people have also rinsed gold in there in 1950-1960’s.

Route: The Ridges of Juuka: Drive from Juuka’s roundabout to Juankoski for 5km. Turn right to Maaseläntie, follow the sign posts and drive 9,3km. The route starts from the parking lot on your right side, it’s marked with “Juukaharju” -posts. The River of Keihäsjoki: Drive from Juuka’s roundabout to Juankoski for 10,8km. Turn right to Panjantie and drive forward 8,2km. Leave your car on the right side of Panjantie, the route to the River of Keihäsjoki starts from the left side of Panjantie, at the spot with “Keihäsjoki” –posts.


Area- and terrain maps of the Ridges of Juuka and the River of Keihäsjoki


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Ridges of Juuka and Keihäsjoki -brochures for to watch and fold:

Watch: Juukaharjukeihäs.pdf

Fold: Juukaharjut.pdf