Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]

Oh I remember the day
like it was yesterday,
when we sailed to Juuka with Elli,
by the ship of Koli, out of Lieksa.
I didn't admire the face of Pielinen,
even if it was bright and calm,
when the love scorches my chest,
Elli foresaw my disease.

I didn't start to tease Elli,
I traveled away to get engaged.
And still, I'm on a same trip still’,
And there, Elli is another's wife.

Finland's Sand Sculpting Competition 2019 is national and free event for the whole family. The competition is organized 10.-13.7.2019 in the central park of Juuka, in the North-Karelia. The local organization of Ellintaitajat ry organizes the event cooperating with national organizers, local societys and volunteers. The best competitors of last years will be invited to the event, also other willing competitors will be included as well.

The competition will be at the time of the Dates of Elli: so, the theme of the whole competition will be the Elli of Juuka! The competition theme and the name of the Dates of Elli have been inspired by the song "Joensuun Elli" (The Elli of Joensuu) which made by local songwriter Eino Kettunen.

There will be lots of else to see and experience in the competition place. The sculptures will be on display several months after the competition.

Check out pictures of the sculptures below!

The winner of the year 2019: Aistikkaasti (Graciously), made by Marika Wallden from Varkaus.

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 067.JPG

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 057.JPG

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 047.JPG

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 034.JPG

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 029.JPG

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 024.JPG

Hiekanveiston SM 2019 012.JPG