Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä, lue lisää. Jatkamalla sivuston selailua hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. [Hyväksyn ehdot]
Rubber raft & wooden boat - Shooting the Rapids in Ruunaa

Rubber raft & wooden boat

Shooting the Rapids in Ruunaa

For the daredevils North Karelia offers white water rafting in Lieksa! Alternatively, a wilder ride on a rubber boat or a more traditional and slightly calmer ride on a wooden boat. Daily departures are available from mid-June to mid-August.

Book your rapid adventure from here:

Ruunaa Outdoor Center >>
Ruunaan Matkailu >>
Koski-Jaakko >>

Kitee & Koli - Ride with Icelandic horses

Kitee & Koli

Ride with Icelandic horses

It is wonderful to admire the landscapes in the safe ride of the Icelandic horses, have you already tried it? Different levels of excursions are suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced riders.

Find your own ride here:

Hepovaara >>
Paimentupa >>

River Pielisjoki - SUP boarding in Joensuu

River Pielisjoki

SUP boarding in Joensuu

It's always good weather for SUP boarding! Take a guided tour or rent a board for the whole weekend. Relaxing or pulse-boosting - according to your heart rate.

See SUP guided tours and rental equipment here:

Arctic Tariners >>
Wake4Break >>

Lieksa - Wildlife watching


Wildlife watching

Have you ever seen wildlife in the wild? From the shelter of Erä-Eero's viewing cabin you might see the biggest carnivores in Finland; bear, wolverine and wolf, as well as other animals in our forests.

More information on the Erä-Eero website:

Erä-Eero >>

North Karelia - Paddle near or far

North Karelia

Paddle near or far

A canoe trip on the Koitajoki, Kolovesi, Patvinsuo or other water systems of North Karelia offers an unforgettable experience. Feel the silence of the wilderness and the nature around you. Excursions are available from early spring through October to November, depending on the weather.

You can find your canoeing experience here:

Koli - Hear the call of National Landscape


Hear the call of National Landscape

The national landscape of Koli mesmerizes over and over again. At the summit you will meet our old friends Akka, Paha and Ukko. In this guided tour you will hear the most fascinating stories and the most vivid legends.

FeelKoli >>

Koli can also be seen from a completely new perspective, deeper than the surface. Do you dare to crawl into the longest cave in Finland? The route and duration of the cave adventure are customized according to the group.

KoliActiv >>

Lake Pielinen - Fishing

Lake Pielinen


Catching anything? The large waters of Pielinen provides a great setting for fishing. Choose your own style of trolling and enjoy the fresh air - all day long!

Find your fishing trip:

North Karelia - Full throttle

North Karelia

Full throttle

If walking speed is not enough, take some engine power! In the summertime, there are quad bikes and jet ski's, and in winter snowmobiles. Have you ever tried FlyBoarding? It can be tested at Bomba.

Check out our motor activities:

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Veikko Vanhanen >>
Holiday Linnunlahti >>
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