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Rural holiday - rent a cottage

The forests and lakes of Karelia offer the visitor a tremendous range of accommodation for a rural holiday, everything from remote basic log cabins to magnificent country homes.

Whether you seek a magnificent country house or a remote basic log cabin, you are sure to find accommodation to suit your tastes in Karelia. Most are close to water, with wild berries and mushrooms often only a short walk from your door in season. In winter crosscountry skiing and icefishing are only minutes away.

Weekly rents range from 300€ - 2500€ depending on size and location of the cottage. Prices of the cottages usually include a fully-equipped kitchen, firewood, blankets and pillows, sauna and even a rowing boat (where appropriate). Many holiday cottages are also fit for winter habitation. Using your cottage as a base, you can enjoy a wide range of activities.

Online reservation system

Choosing just the right cottage is easy. Just go to Online Reservation System at, select your criteria in the search fields and make your pick!