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Cabins and accommodation in Russian side of Karelia

Karelia is one of the most beautiful and close to wilderness locations in Russia. Evergreen forests alternate with gorgeous meadows, fields and the steep lakes. Along the running rivers there's dangerous rapids and waterfalls.

Karelia offers something for all. Summertime is for fishermen, hunters and true nature lovers. Many tourists fulfill their dreams by having a holiday on a lakeside cabin or tent, just enjoying nature, peace and quiet.

Winter is for friends of snow, ice and winter activities. Heavy snowfall is made for snowmobile excursions, a true experience of Russian winter. Later on, the site will also include destinations in North Karelia, so you can easily visit both sides of the border during your trip.

Our reservation system offers over 350 comfortable and different levels of accommodation. We specialize in cottages and nature sites near fishing and hunting grounds.
With Wildacha you can easily find a suitable accommodation in Karelia. A handy filter will allow you to see items that meet your criteria.

We wish you a pleasant holiday in Karelia!

Read more about Wildacha is a secure and reliable booking site:

• only the houses and cottages inspected are published on the site and there is no reason to worry about the quality of the service;
• formal agreements are made with the owners of the house to cooperate with the project;
• All houses shown can be booked online;
• The cottage reservation is free!
• The project manager confirms and checks all applications so you can be sure that the cottage is free on selected dates and your earnings are known;
• If you have difficulty choosing, we will help you choose the best option for you;
• Our staff speaks Russian and Finnish;
• The prepayment is only made after confirmation of the reservation

Wildacha Reservation System has been developed within the framework of the Karelia CBC project in cooperation with Finnish partners. On the site you can rent cottages by the lakes, find accommodation in the villages of Karelia or stay comfortably in a campsite. Later, it is planned to add destinations from North Karelia to the site so that you can easily visit both sides of the border during your trip.

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