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One-day Husky Safari

Experience what it is like to drive a team of dogs across frozen lakes and through dense forests! This dogsled safari begins by harnessing the dogs, who are as eager, excited and ready for action as you are. You will then be taught the theory of driving a dogsled. Each sled is pulled by a team of 4-6 huskies and carries 2 people: a driver and a passenger (or two, in the case of small children). You then set out into the Karelian wilderness, stopping along the way to enjoy a hot lunch or dinner and warm up around a campfire.

Season: Winter 2011
Duration: 3-4 hours
Group size: min. 2 persons

Price: 188 €/adult, 94 €/child (under 12 years)

Includes: Learning to drive a dogsled, husky safari, soup lunch or dinner, professional guide. Extra charge for transfers and accommodation.

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