Canoeing and Hiking along the River Jongunjoki

The River Jongunjoki feeds into the Vuoksi waterway. The beautiful 70-kilometer-long river is ideal for beginners, as the rapids are small and easy to navigate. During this one-week tour you will canoe a total of 54 kilometers.

The hiking trail takes you to the wilderness by the Russian border along the Bear's Trail, taking in long forest trails, causeways and bridges. You will also explore several
adjoining trails.

Accommodation is at the Erästely Canoeing Centre (2 nights, shared accommodation) and 5 nights in the wilderness in tents.

Season: June-September 2011
Duration: 8 days/7 nights
Group size: 4-10 persons
Equipment: helmet, lifejacket, paddle, equipment bins and bags, rain gear, map, sleeping bag, camping mattress, camping cooker (1 for every 2 persons), shared 2-4 person tents (for 2 persons), personal eating utensils and drinking bottles.

Price: 495 €/person,( 4-5 persons in a  group)
459 €/person, (6-7 persons in a  group)
435 €/person, (8-10 persons in a group)

Includes: Transportation from Joensuu to the Canoeing Centre and back,
local transport, accommodation, breakfast, wilderness lunches,  dinner in the  evening, canoeing and hiking equipment.

Surcharge: 1030 €/group for guide/7 days (accompanies you during the daytime for canoeing and hiking, price includes canoeing lessons).


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