Attractions in Ilomantsi


At Parppeinvaara visitor will find Bard´s House, with handicrafts, traditional kantele music and season exhibitions; Border General´s Cabin, a war-time operational headquarters; Tsasouna, a small Orthodox chapel, Mesikkä Animal Museum and Restaurant Parppeinpirtti, with a Karelian menu.  (


Möhkö village is located close to the border of Russia. Möhkö offers its local strengths: history, clean nature and the regional culture.  (


The easternmost point of Finland and of the continental part of the European Union is located in the village of Hattuvaara in Ilomantsi. Settlement in the village has existed since 17th century. In the village visitor will find the oldest orthodox church, tsasouna, in West Europe. (Hattuvaara)


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Facts about Ilomantsi


The central village of the municipality is not called "kirkonkylä" as is usual in Finland, but pogosta (a Russian loan-word, originally pogost). Also the local newspaper is called Pogostan Sanomat "The Pogosta News".


Orthodox minority

In Ilomantsi approximately 17 % of the population belongs to the Orthodox Church of Finland. That is the largest percentage among Finnish municipalities. The church of Prophet Elijah is the largest wooden orthodox church in Finland.



Ilomatsi is characterized by with forests and boglands and there are two national parks (Petkeljärvi and Patvinsuo). You can find more about the nature and nature activities here.

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