Attractions in Kesälahti

Lutheran Church and bell-tower of Kesälahti

Lutheran Church of Kesälahti lies in the center of the village. The restoration work of the church bell tower was granted the Europa Nostra award in 2009.

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Sovintola is a beutiful meeting point in the center of Kesälahti. Visitors can find handcrafts, coffee house, second-hand bookshop, Summer Arts Gallery, and KitiKati-store of good mood textiles there. Sovintola is an old school building and a meeting point in Kesälahti.


Juhanantupa and Lönnrot’s tree”

Juhanantupa is a Karelian house built in 1989. It´s situated in the idyllic village of Hummovaara in Kesälahti. The house is an atmospheric café-restaurant which is well known for delicious food and good service. Traditional Finnish cuisine is served with a modern touch using local ingredients.

Nearby the Juhanantupa house there grows a monumental pine tree. It was under that tree that Elias Lönnrot, the compiler of Finland’s national epic Kalevala, had a local peasant named Juhana Kainulainen sing old Karelian runes for him in summer 1828. Many of the runes sung by Kainulainen appear in the Kalevala.  (


Museum of Kesälahti

The heart of the Kesälahti Museum is a Savutupa ’smokehouse’ built 1725 built large. In the museum there is a collection of wares from peasant, hunting and fishing culture. Coffeehouse Myllytupa offers home-made delicacies.

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Village shop of varmo    

A summer village shop built into 1950´s style.  



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Facts about Kesälahti

Kesälahti 'summer bay'

Kesälahti is a popular summer destination especially for families who enjoy camping. Near by the Puruvesi lake there are four active holiday villages with cabins, tent and trailer areas. The name of the municipality means a 'summer bay' in finnish. Major industries in Kesälahti are fishing, strawberry farming and metal industry.


Lake Pyhäjärvi

A chrystal clear lake Pyhäjärvi that stretches into Russia. Lake Pyhäjärvi is one of the biggest lakes in North Karelia and it´s one of Finland’s best lakes for fishing with a lure. It also offers magnificent possibilities to enjoy the water, swim, sit on the beach or sail.

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Bird watching

Nature, scenery and bird watching can be done in Hovinmäki in Totkunniemi, Pienivaara and Kuolemanlampi. Kuolemanlampi bird watching tower is near by the highway 6.



Daycare, pre-school, elementary school (9 grades), library, gymnastics hall, ski tracks, sports field, tennis field, ice hockey rink, health care center, food stores etc.


Karjalan Kievari´s Salmon pond    

Lake Pyhäjärvi is a crystal clear lake that stretches into Russia. One of the biggest lakes in North Karelia, it offers beautiful Lakeland scenery at its best. Lake Puruvesi is one of Finland´s best lakes for fishing with a lure, and it offers magnificent possibilities to enjoy the water element and fishing.

The Karjalan Kievari Holiday Center has a salmon pond for fishing. We maintain the fish stock by planting fish, and you can catch quite big salmons as well. In wintertime you can experience the fishing through the ice. The pond is situated in a very quiet place behind the Holiday Center, and can be easily achieved through beautiful ridge scenery. You can park the car nearby. Fishing permits can be purchased from Karjalan Kievari Reception. Come to experience the beauty of the fishing in a unique environment!     

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