Seminar of the Ministry of education and the administration of the University of Joensuu 23.-24.11.2006
Organiser: Ministry of education and the University of Joensuu
Participants: 300

Seminar on the Green Belt of Fennoscandia, biosphere reserves and model forests in Northern Karelia, 18-19 October 2006, Mekrijärvi
Organiser: Environment centre of North Karelia / NK Biosphere regionParticipants: 60

IARIW 2006, International Association for Research in Income and Wealth 29th General Conference 20-26 August 2006
Organiser: Statistics Finland
Participants: 300

PALA 2006, Poetics and Linguistics Association annual Conference 25-29 July 2006
Organiser: University of Joensuu
Participants: 150

CREST- Committee ja Tutkimus- ja atomiasioiden yhteistyöryhmän Suomen EU- isännyyskauden kokoukset 4.-7.7.2006
Organiser: Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the secretariat of Finland's EU presidency

Party conference of the National Coalition Party 9.-11.6.2006
Organiser: National Coalition Party
Participants: 1100

National Entrepreneur seminar of the countryside tourism 4.-5.4.2006
Organiser: The theme group of tourism in the Rural Policy Committee
Participants: 193

Festival conference of the Parliament of Finland 21.–22.3.2006
Organiser: Parliament of Finland, The Employment and Equality Committee
Participants: 288


FinnSkills 2007 contest 31.1.-2.2.2007
Organiser: North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium
Participants: 33 500

11th Nordic-Baltic Symposium in Joensuu 10-13 June 2007
Organiser: University of Joensuu
Participants: 100

Nordic Knitting Symposium 2-7 July 2007
Organiser: North Karelian Finnish Crafts Association
Participants: 120

13th Nordic Mass Spectrometry congress 28-31 August 2007
Organiser: Division of Mass Spectrometry of the Association of Finnish Chemical Societies
Participants: 150

Nordic and Baltic Ministers of Transport, 4-5 September 2007
Organiser: Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland, the city of Joensuu
Participants: 46, 8 countries, 33 foreign (71%)