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NEW! Wildlife observation evening

karhu.jpgSpend an exiting evening in a watching lodge

You may see, hear and even film/photograph wolverines, brown bears,
wolves, lynxes, beavers, goshawks, golden eagles, white-taled eagles
as well as other wild animals living in the beautiful environs of Eräeero.
The evening is spent comfortably in a watching lodge where you sit on comfortable chairs or even take a little break and lie down in a bunk and
have a little snack. There is room for 18 persons and 12 drawstring holes for photographers. There are 6 places for persons using wheelchairs. Down in
the valley there is a hide for professional photographers with 14 places for cameras. Wolverine is the most observed animal and it can be seen year-round. eräeero.jpg
• Tour is 6 h (14-21 or later, depends on animals)

Price from 80 € /person.
Price incl. Wild animal tour: Welcoming coffee, snacks,
insurance, guidance, VAT.

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