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Active Finnish vacation with North Karelian hospitality! Experience the Finnish summer with all your senses. Feel the speed on water jet skis, get your adrenaline high on Flyboards and go night fishing on the fifth biggest lake in Finland, Pielinen. Relax in the Finnish sauna on a lake shore enjoying delicious local Karelia À la carte delicacies.

Day 1. After arriving to Nurmes, we will have a delicious Karelian lunch. After the lunch we take a guided jet ski safari on the Lake Pielinen. We’ll start our trip from the Siimes shore. We’ll ride across Pielinen to Kynsisaari Island. After the safari, dinner in a cottage or at Bomba Karelian restaurant.

Day 2. New day starts with Karelian breakfast. After the breakfast we’ll make a jet -ski safari, about 60 kilometers to the Koli national park. Feel the freedom, the wind and the speed! Our route goes through the great open lakeside of Pielinen. Lunch will be waiting for us at Koli Ala- Maja restaurant.

After lunch we start a hiking trip to Koli hill. When we reach the top, a beautiful view opens to the lake Pielinen. It is considered as the National Landscape of Finland. After the hike we will take a different route and drive the water jet skis back to Nurmes. Dinner and sauna will be waiting for us. We can also go swimming on the Lake Pielinen.

Day 3. The morning starts with Karelian breakfast. Ready for new adventures! Next, we’ll try Flyboarding. Dive like a dolphin or set off like a rocket in the sky! After the action, we have a delicious luch. Warmth of a Finnish sauna and a swim in the lake will give you the extra kick for the next adventure. When the sun goes down we will go night fishing on the Lake Pielinen. We take a boat to the best fishing spots and let our lines down. The guide will tell interesting fishing stories while we wait for the first line to tighten. After our fishing trip we will enjoy a late night meal at a traditional hut. The lady of the house has prepared a traditional Finnish fish dishes for us. After the meal it’s time to go to bed.

Day 4. At the last morning of the trip, we’ll enjoy a Karelian breakfast and then it’s time to say Goodbye, Näkemiin!

Duration           4 days, 3 nights.
Availability       1st April - 30th August. When the lake is ice-free.
Languages        English, Russian, Finnish

Required level Normal

Equipment: You will need your own outdoor clothing. Wetsuits, life jackets and helmets are included to the package price.

Price: 990 €/person, when driving the jet-ski alone. 805 €/ person, if two are driving the same jet-ski. Children 60 €/ person (2-15 years)
Group size: 2 - 20 persons.

Price includes: 3 nights’ accommodation, lunches, dinners, breakfast, water jet-ski safari, fishing safari, flyboard flying, fuels and guide services.

Small groups; 1-4 persons and families in Siimes cottage at Kynsiniemi. Possibility for extra beds at summertime in granary cabin rooms.

Big groups; up from 4 persons and mixed groups, accommodation in single and double rooms at Bomba Karelian village.

Driver of the ATV is required to be at least 15 years old and have an official license to drive a motorized vehicle.

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