A big house was built by a Karelian peasant
Jegor Bombin for his only son Dimitri in 1855.
This huge house was built of logs and it was situated in Suojärvi country by the lake of Suojärvi in the former province of Viipuri, which now lies behind the Russian border. The house was about 25 meters long and about 10 meters broad. The house was built of stout round pine logs during one summer. The main tool when building the house was an axe and not a single nail or other metal part was used in its construction.
All its joints were skilfully made of timber.
One end of the house was home of the large Bombin family; at a time as many as 24 persons. The other end was meant for the cattle.
After Dimitri Bombin died in 1915 the estate was divided among his five sons. The Bomba house was pulled down in 1934 and the logs were divided among the brothers. At least three of the brothers built a house
of their own from their share.
The thought of rebuilding Bomba house was awakened among the former inhabitants of Suojärvi in 1960. In 1974 a committee was founded to search
a good site for the building and in 1975 plans came to fruition when the town of Nurmes provided a piece of land and decided to back the project.
The founding company was established in 1976 with the aim to build only the Bomba house, but soon the plans were revised and a whole village was built.
Building started in 1977 and the Karelian village was finished in 1978.

In the Bomba area You can find a summer theater, summer market, Kalevan Hovi, which serves as a conference and training center and a place for art exhibitions; 50 fully equipped hotel rooms an a small orthodox church called ”tsasouna”. The services of Bomba area also include the Spa hotel, which
was built in 1991 and the holiday apartment area on ”Kultakägönen”. In the spa customers are also served by the Beauty Salon Jonna-Miia and the Bomba fysio. In Kalevan Hovi You can find the program service company Bomba -Action Oy.
The business entrepreneur in the Bomba area is the cooperative store of Jukola. The cooperative store of Jukola is an independent regional cooperative store. Its region of business covers Nurmes, Valtimo, Juuka and Rautavaara.


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