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05.JPGWood-Nurmes and the old market town

• The historic and beautiful old market town is one of the best
preserved wooden housing estates in Finland. Most of the houses
date from the period of time between the 1880s and the 1930s. There
is a magnificent view from the area over Lake Nurmes and Lake
Pielinen. The town plan of Wood-Nurmes is on the list of protected
structures. Walking is the best way to see this area.

Bomba House and Karelian Village

• The Bomba Karelian Village offers hotel and restaurant services, a
spa, tourist activity services, summer market, summer theatre and
an Orthodox prayer hut.

Nurmes museum, Kötsi museum
• History of Nurmes from different points of view: prehistory, hunting,
fishing and life in the early 20th century market town. Open
Mon-Fri 10-16. Free entry.

Ikola museum
Kotiniementie 2, 75530 Nurmes, tel. +358 40 104 5154,
www.nurmes.fi/museo, museo@nurmes.fi
• Outdoor museum, local history.
Open 22.6.-7.8. Mon-Fri 10-16. Admission 2/1 €.
Nurmes House
• i.e. library, museum and Gallery Tyko.

Desing Airi Hietala, silver jewelery shop
Airi Hietala, Tel. +358 45 7840 4065, www.akoru.net
• Fall in love with jewelry. Workshop of the artist who made the
Nurmes-pedant. Excursions and shopping by agreement.

Gallery and art lending Aamu&Virkku
Tel. +358 40 9643 558, www.aamuvirkku.fi
Kirkkokatu 32, Nurmes

Nurmes evangelical lutheran church
• Built by the 17th century perpendicular style during the years 1893-
1896. Fifth largest church in Finland with apprx.2000 seats.

Nurmes orthodox church
Kirkkokatu 31 A, 75500 Nurmes, tel. +358 13 480 293, www.ort.fi/nurmes
• The church was built during the years 1958-1959, it is consecrated to
the apostles Peter and Paul. Open by agreement.

Old church ridge and church park
• War cemeteries and statues, old belfry and memorials related to
the history of Nurmes.

THIS IS NEW! Steam engine depot tour
• Steam engines, diesel locomotives, wagons and much more. Fully
restored steam engines are available for heritage train rides in summer.
The historic trains are also serviced and repaired in the depot.
You can also choose to order a train for your own use to celebrate
the events of a firm or a society, birthdays, weddings etc. Minimum
group size of 5 by order. Höyryraide Ltd, tel. +358 400 845 466

More information:

Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd
Kauppatori 3, 75500 NURMES
Tel. +358 (0)50 336 0707

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